Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blood IS thicker than water

Today we measured my INR level again and found that my blood has become a little too thick for my own good. This is not good news given the fact I want to get these tight knee high socks off my feet. I distracted mom this morning and she didn't notice until too late this afternoon that I didn't put them on. Ha! These cheap thrills probably won't last too much longer!

This weekend was nice, although it feels like I have a bit of the could be laziness though...hard to say really. Mom tried to get my mind off my nausea by holding a calligraphy lesson at the kitchen table...too bad we didn't have Grandad here to give us some real lessons because our 1/2 hour attempt ended with a couple squiggly lines and unfortunately nothing to call home about. We also played cribbage and it's a shame, but my flu must cause a bit of memory loss because I can't remember who won? I'm sure it was me though...

I have been very diligent about the exercises and lifting weights everyday, but oh what to do with the other 23 1/2 hours!?

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granolagirl said...

Hey what happened to the knitting plans!!?? You could have sweaters made by now!