Thursday, February 07, 2008

Four and a half hours later....GREAT SUCCESS!!!!

Update #2.

Just spoke with Dr. Murphy. It's 4:45 Pm EST and she's done. Everything went perfect from what I understand. After I tried to listen and look like I understood all the medical lingidy, he said she should be just fine. Luckily, he didnt have to conduct the femoral osteotomy (the removal and rotation of the femoral head)!!!! No more blood loss than expected. I want to speak to him again just to hear him say it all over again so I can relax. Sam, when you read this, you have no idea how hard this is to sit here and wait...........................We literally chunked our laptops when we saw Dr. M. Your mom didnt want me to get her a coke since she didnt want to miss him coming in to give her the results. Baby, IM SO GLAD YOU ARE DONE WITH THIS. The hardest part is behind you. Now you can look to the future as the days go by and as you regain the strength and mobility of your leg, knowing that everyday you will see improvement.

I cant wait to get in there and see her. Unfortunately, we wont be able to see her for at least an hour or two. Therefore, I'll continue to bite my nails, or whats left, as the anesthesia slowly wears off while the nurses keep a sharp eye on her.

Again, a testament to her tenacity and strength. I knew she would do great. I wish I could fastforward the next few months.

Well, more updates to follow. Once we get her room and phone number, I'll post for everyone. Acting on behalf of Sam, feel free to send flowers.............lot's of flowers ;)



Rachel said...

AWESOME AWESOME!! I met Sam for the first time on Monday (with Lauren). I've been checking the blog today and just 'refreshed' the page to see the latest update. WAY TO GO SAM!!!!
Been thinking about you today (had a follow up with my doc too on my options). Can't wait to start reading your write up on life after PAO! so I know what I'm headed for!! up!!

Anonymous said...

Great news Sam! You woke up as we all knew you would. Great to hear everything went smoothly and that the FO was not needed. Also great to hear that your bones were easier than mine to cut.
I know your mom and Josh are feeling a whole lot more calm right now. I can't imagine how hard it is to sit and wait. You have all been in my thoughts all day. Thank you so much for posting updates for the rest of us.
The hard part is really now behind all of you. Wonderful news!!

Cass said...

Woo Hoo! Hope the first few hours of Sam being awake and aware went smoothly ... I imagine that will be the toughest part for her. After all, she got to sleep through the surgery while her friends and family were fretting!
Best of luck!