Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Pint a Day...

I'm not talking blood here either...

Last night I was feeling about as sorry for myself as possible and coaxed mom into handing over a pint of hagen daaz and a glass of wine. By coaxing I mean I of course held her at crutch point and she really had no chance. I may have the reaction time of a three-legged turtle, but take away my guilty pleasures and I'll surprise you.

This morning has found me with an upset stomach, a stale attitude and a desire to rewind two weeks and tell the surgeon I had a momentary lapse of sanity by agreeing to the surgery. Laying on my back for the majority of the day has not been good for me. Trips out of the house are exhausting and usually leave me needing a pain pill...which I actually have almost completely weaned myself off of (meaning mom has placed them on a shelf just barely out of my reach and even my handy grabber won't help me).

The good news is that my family and friends are still being patient with me, although I have a feeling this leniency won't last too much longer. I really am looking forward to this scar healing over so I can start getting in the pool without risk of infection...that and a nice long bubble bath...

Bit of good news though, I just skunked my mom at I've got that going for me...which is nice. ;)


Joshua said...

You have all, and deserve, all the leniency in the world. Can't wait for you to get in the pool as well. Doesnt Chlorine help sterilize a wound?!?!? ;)

Im hoping that your stale attitude was not exacerbated by your unsuccessful attempts to wake me of my slumber last night. I cant believe Im such a heavy sleeper. Well, NO MORE. Try it tonight, I dare you :)

2 weeks officially behind you. Be proud of yourself; you know you made the right decision.

Love you, J

Denise said...

Hi Sam,
Just been catching up on your blog after many days of travel. Your sense of humor suggests you are back, and that it takes more than a PAO to keep a good woman down. As I said to your Mom on the phone on Sunday, Lauren's leg was so huge for many weeks post surgery that she named it Uber Uma. If you are wondering why the name, I suggest you visit her blog dated Dec 12th, entitled "Lift your leg, lift your leg". I'm sure that now in your post surgery phase you will really really relate to the video clip.
Congrats on peeing away 17 pounds!! Great diet :-)
All the best

Anonymous said...

Josh is right you have 2 weeks behind you and you will begin to see that with each day comes progress.

However feeling down, angry, bummed and any of the array of emotions that you will go through are all valid and change out quite quickly if I remember correctly. You must not forget that the drugs add to the level of emotion that you experience day to day. I was known for starting to cry randomly and it got to the point where most people no longer paid much attention to it.

Hang in there. Give your body time and be patient. Enjoy the down time. I have to say that I erred on the side of getting back into the swing of things too quickly. You have a lifetime ahead of you but now is the most important healing time. Feel free to call whenever. I am here and certainly can commiserate any time you like.