Thursday, February 14, 2008

Homeward Bound!!!!

Finally, she's coming home! Spoke with Sam last night for about half an hour and she sounded amazingly better. Aside from the increase in hip pain due to some more extensive hip OT/PT, she's doing much better since the nausea, spasms, and sore throat are being kept under control. They started giving her PO Dilaudid as opposed to the IV Dilaudid she was taking during the first days that was evidently causing the itches.
She's so ready to get out of there. Like Denise wrote in one of her comments, a week is behind us. She's up on her crutches and slowly gaining control of her right quad. It's fairly weak (given the fact that it was partially removed) but she's moving it as much as she can.
Her flight leaves today around 12:15 and she should land in Atlanta around 3:11. Im a little concerned about the flight since she hasn't had to sit up in a chair for that long. Im hoping that it'll be a pretty smooth ride which will allow her to get up every 30 minutes or so to get the blood circulating. We all know that those seats aren't the most comfy.
Ramsey and I will meet her at the airport and help her mom get her transfered into the SUV for the following 4 hour trip to Alabama. She's got a complete mattress and bedding setup ready to go so I hope it will be as painless as possible.
I would expect her to start calling and emailing all her friends, family, and supporters once she gets back in. Thanks again for all of your help!!


Joslynn said...


It looks like everything is coming together nicely! It sounds like you've been working hard and doing all the right things even though it must be so hard. (I just wonder what you must be mumbling under your breath when you have to do th PT.) Keep up the good work, and it can only get better.

You'll sleep much better at home and I hear Bernie makes a great personal chef!

I hope you have a smooth and safe ride home! Can you request your Uncle Paul to fly the plane?

Love you lots,


PHil said...

Hi Sam, I'll give Lex & Bernie a call later tonight to see how the trip went.

I would have volunteered to be your official photographer (a job for which I have very high qualifications) for the journey but I imagine it won't be one that you will want to remember, much less document.

I hope your chauffeur managed to avoid most of the potholes on the drive home. Now, on to the next stage . . . learning to dance again . (I've heard you do an impressive cell-phone jig.)

Take care, PHil