Friday, February 08, 2008

Do the Hippy Hippy Shake

This day has been much like As the World Turns.
If you are into soaps read on. Sam & Dilaudid were intoduced to each other late yesterday evening, just prior to leaving the recovery room. Sam immediately took a shining to Dilaudid (Dil- as she likes to refer to him). Dil on the other hand was a reluctant companion- after all they had only met a few hours earlier.
The night was a tad on the rough side for Sam. She could not convince Dil that he should open up to her. Apparently Dil did not wish to share too much of himself with Sam on their first evening together. Sam on the other hand was willing to enter into a very intimate relationship with Dil. She really felt she needed him. Perhaps she was a little too needy for Dil.
As it turned out Dil may have known best as Sam suffered through a rather unpleasant evening feeling as though her skin was crawling all over and she could not make it stop- lets just call this experience ICC (Incredibly Creepy Crawly). Amazingly it happened everytime Dil got too close. Ben (Benadryl: antihistamine/anti-itch) and Ti (Tigan: anti-emetic/anti lose your entire stomach contents) were around to help the relationship.
A rocky romance for sure, leaving Sam with barely a wink of sleep.
Stay tuned for more on that relationship later!!
Phenergan better known as Phen (again- anti lose stomach contents) entered into the equation early in the day. He however would only agree to grace us with his presence every 6 hours (hard to believe, but apparently hospital policy in relationships like this!!). Anyways, between Dil, Ti, Ben & now Phen, Sam felt as though she was on a true roller coaster ride. The day progressed somewhat like this: Sam is alone, "Pain" (in the butt- or at least the hip; Did I forget to mention him?) rears ugly head, Dil shows up-briefly and ofcourse again not committing very much to the relationship. (Read here: MEN!!)
Anyways: Pain followed by Dil; followed by ICC; Sam feels incredibly creepy and yes quite nauseous (too many men in the room maybe?) so of course Ben, then Ti come along. Sam- feels no better. They bring in Phen, again not much help. Finally Sam's nurse decides "This is too much", she has a good talk with Dil and convinces him to show up more often and to stick around for longer too!!
He does and Sam finds herself a little unsure now; she feels a little unlike herself- floating, sometimes far, far away- often with her mouth open in disbelief.
Suddenly to everyone's surprise (including Mark & Emily- Sam's physical therapists) Sam leaps (well ok- inches) out of bed and springs up (drags herself up with walker) and does the HIPPY, HIPPY SHAKE (this part is true- if the hippy hippy shake is 3 steps forward and 4 steps back performed gingerly with only 25% of body weight on right flat foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Anyways at the end of the show- I mean the day, Sam finds herself deciding she would be better of without Dil. There's a new guy in town.
Stay tuned tomorrow for ......................

Some moms handle stress by creating great literary works, I write soaps.
PS: From the bottom of my heart thank you all for the calls, gifts, e-mails and mostly for your prayers- you have made such an incredible difference.


Anonymous said...

Yipppeee! You got out of bed. I know you probably thought you never would but you did. Now you'll see how there is only one day that you are really down & out of it and then with each day you will fight back to normal. I can't wait to talk with you about all of this now that you are on the other side. Keep fighting. Lauren

Denise said...

Dear Alexis and Sam
Congrats ladies. You really are through the scariest part. Surgery and first night behind you and Sam upright for the first time. Every day will get a little sunnier, every day you will be closer to a new, pain-free hip. I am anxiously following every news report of Sam's process, so your blogging efforts are much appreciated. Loved the soap opera that read like a black comedy. Being able to laugh during the darkest moments is yoga for the soul
May the itches and the dysfunctional relationships with those pesky men soon be over. It is clear that Josh is the only man for you :-)Denise

Hip Chick said...

Wow! You're up! Hang in there Sam - every minute, every hour, every day you're getting closer to being recovered!

Laura - a.k.a. Hip Chick NYC