Saturday, February 09, 2008

"I feel like crap".........

I'm sitting here watching sam and her mom catching some brief zzz's. Her mom needed it just as mush as sam. Once again, typing on the BB since her room doesn't pickup wifi.

One complete day behind us. Last night was not as easy as we hoped. Evidently, the pill cocktail didn't do much to help quell the horrible itches that sam gets about 5-10 minutes after every dose. Comparable to bee stings all over, it has been the leading cause of discomfort since the surgery and we are hoping the new pill meds will keep the pain down while the dilaudid clears her system. Dil (as her mom calls it) has been a two sided friend; helps great with the hip pain, butis what we feel is causing the stinging. She's now on a combo of percocet, oxy ir, clartin, benedryl, and a one time dose of prince "V". I've never seen sam on valium before and I will forever be able to know if she takes it again. Talk about a complete knockout. She fought to stay awake in order to eat a full bowl of soup, crackers, and jello, but she would fall asleep in mid drink. She fought hard to stay awake but it wasn't easy.

Now we have this new companion called 'nausea'. Sam has come close to losing the soup about 3-4 times in the last few hours but has managed to keep it down.I feel that its the combo of meds on an empty stomach, later food, and repeated doses of more drugs that have brought her to this point. If it just wasn't for the nausea and the stinging, she would be doing amazing. She was running a fever earlier but it has come down to normal. The PT has come by a couple of times today but was unable to get sam up since she's been so nauseous. She's been soild sleepimg now for about 45 minutes (as her mom too) and I hope the nurses don't come by anytime soon. They've been pretty good but she just can't get any solid sleep due to the constant vitals checks and rounds. I hope this sleep she's getting will wear off her nausea and itchiness. As I sit here in my chair in the corner, lights off, door closed, BB in hand, and watching sam sleep, my eyes are constantly drawn to all of the flowers and gifts that she has received. All of her friends and family have been amazing and I want everyone to know how much it means to truly makes her smile when the "flower guy" comes by. I mean, honestly, her whole window is covered. Count on seeing pictures once she's aware enough to get on her computer. Thank you everyone. This has been unbelievably painfull and challenging for her but your love, thoughts, and prayers have made it easier to bear.

I might as well wrap this up since I don't want to wake her with more clicking of keys.thanks to all again and count on hearing from her personally once she has gotten past the first week or so.



Shelagh said...

Thanks so much for your regular updates. Please tell Sam that her Arizona family are surrounding her with prayer. I can imagine that you are all getting a little weary at this point. So we are praying that God will strengthen and uphold you...that the uncomfortable effects of the meds will diminish...that some rest will be in sight for each of you...and that you feel our love.
We love you all...Shelagh Dave & your family in AZ.

Joslynn said...


Maybe you should try a junior mint... "they're delicious"!

Love JOS

Hope you're feeling better today!

Anonymous said...

Your amazing and an inspiration.... How old are you if you do not mind me asking? I ask knowing that people that are younger (I am 42) recover quicker.

I meet Dr. Murphy on 3/3.

Can you tell me what to expect? Is the exam very extensive?
How far out was surgery booking?
Is his personality tolerable?
Did he check on you every day while in the hospital?
Do you wish anything had gone differently?
Did Murphy answer all your questions and not make you feel foolish?

Nikki said...

That last set of questions was from me, Colleen.