Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Officially Unscrewed

It has been a long time and a long road since my last post. So many exciting things have happened...just last week I underwent a surgery to remove the four screws which held my hip together the first few months after my PAO - please see the evidence below - they are bigger than they appear! :)

I was just as anxious about this surgery as I was the first one - new surgeon, new risks - but it went well. Dr. Tim Schrader is an amazing guy (thanks Lauren for the recommendation) and he preformed the surgery in under an hour and a half and without complications. My surgery was on a Wednesday and by Friday morning I was without crutches. After such a great start I thought I would be skipping by now - it hasn't exactly worked out like that.

My pain has reduced, but I still have limited movement and LOT'S of snapping and crackling - feeling yet again like a breakfast cereal. I get fatigued very quickly - in fact just walking through the grocery store yesterday left my right side feeling like I'd be hit by a truck.

Our hope with this surgery was to determine if the pinching pain was caused by the screws slowly working their way out - or possibly the muscles and ligaments getting caught on them and causing more damage. If the pain continues I will be back in for more MRI's and tests to see what the issues are.

I'll keep you all posted on the progression - thanks for tuning in!