Thursday, February 14, 2008

We have touchdown!!!!

After a 3 hour flight and a 4 hour car ride, Sam is back home in Alabama. Ramsey and I saw her today when she came in through Atlanta and we were amazed to see how well she looked. I had thought the flight would have been pretty rough on her but evidently was fairly uneventful; I'll let Sam ellaborate in following posts (just never refer to her as handicapped). To our surprise, with the extensive bed and comforter spread that her mom had prior prepared in the back of the SUV, Sam chose to sit up in the front seat. Im speechless.................. When I left on Sunday, I didnt think she would be released today but once I saw her in the airport today (with my Bo Sox hat by the way............which I miss but wouldnt think of asking for it back since she looks really cute in it), she had turned a 180. Still a little under the weather slightly, but in regards to mobility and overall look, I am quite certain that if I had told anyone out of the blue about what she had just gone through, they wouldnt have believed me. Crutches and all, 'hopped' right on in and off they went.
Sam will have her laptop on Friday night so she'll start taking over the blog by this weekend. Of course, that's after she has the chance to read the other 11 dozen sets of flowers that were awaiting her when she got home....................


PHil said...

Hi Sam,

I'm so relieved that you're home and in 'relative' comfort. Your Mom deserves the mantle of sainthood. (First, there was Jeanne d'Arc, then Alexis a la Bama . . .) I was secretly fearing that the journey could have been your opportunity to experience masochist utopia.

But if you decided, along the way, to use public washrooms in franchised fast food restaurants then you were either euphoric from the absence of pain or were pushing the morphine button a little too often. Or perhaps a side effect of your drug cocktails is a horribly distorted sense of adventure. Too proud to use Bangkok bottles, are we?

Don't set the alarm to get up for work tomorrow, Sam. You need your rest, for the 'easy' part.

Take care, PHil

PS I've sent you a story about siblings under separate email, part of my 'smile a day' plan. Should the attachment not pass Accenture's miserly size filters, let me know and I will try another route.

Denise said...

What a difference a week can make!
All your anxious and concerned fans rejoice in the fact that you are finally home. Wonderful news.
I no longer have to pounce on your blog every night when I get home as I know you and your Mom are now celebrating your recovery, and the dark days are a fading memory
Congrats! A true demonstration of Girl Power.