Monday, February 11, 2008

Another day behind, another day forward

It's Monday now and Sam is still fighting with her old pal 'Nausea'. I can only imagine the type of pain she's feeling right now. She's been trying to fight the nauseousness for the last two days but after speaking with her mother this morning, it sounds like her buddy got the best of her last night. She's been trying to get it over with since it started, but she's been struggling between dealing with either the pain of not vomiting or the pain she would incur if it finally ever happened (lot of stress on the hips when that happens, evidently).
I had to leave yesterday to come back to ATL but found out this morning that Sam had a pretty rough night. All the pain medication is having its toll on her. Good news, however, I also found out once I got back, that she was able to get out of bed a second time yesterday afternoon. Just as twice in one day isn't amazing enough, with the help of her walker, she was able to make it down the hallway and back. I'm so proud of her. To know the extent of what her surgery entailed, seeing her get out of bed this soon after surgery, speaks highly of her drive to get back on her feet. I hope that she's seeing the progress she's making and that it keeps her in a positive mindset as she's fighting with the nausea and occasional spells of head to toe body itch.

We are still hoping that she'll be ready for release by Thursday so she can make the trip back to Alabama with her mom. I'll keep posting throughout the week as I get more info.


Denise said...

Joshua, so glad you posted. Really worried about all 3 of you throughout Sunday and today. Really rough that the meds are hitting Sam so hard but excellent news that she is mobile. Crossing fingers that with her starting to move around, even if only in short spurts, she will turn the corner in the road to being strong and well and happy again
Wishing all of you patience and courage
Thinking of you - Denise

Anonymous said...

Sam, Josh, Alexis
A turning point will come. Sometimes when you least expect it. As my mom said moving has to help Sam start to build strength and perhaps enough of an appetite to get the nausea under control. A friend of mine said that it wasn't until a pregnant friend of hers brought Special K to her did she actually get passed the nausea. It may help to try some bland foods. I'm sure you already have. Well all I can say is hang in there. This too shall pass and a turning point will happen. Day 5 was mine but it took a rubber band like snapping experience in my leg, a scream and terror to get me there. Please send Sam my best.

PHil said...

Hi Sam, Looks like all good news so far! When you get through the 'better living through pharmaceuticals' phase, you can start to focus on new career options, like becoming the latest Poster Girl for Zimmer Frames (you may have to google that one).

The pain? As your Mom knows, I'm somewhat of an expert in this area. I've always found that unexpected, high volume screaming brings good results, initially anyway. I'd have to come and give you lessons for the more advanced techniques, such as: 'how to avoid living in the moment' (much to the chagrin of my buddhist friends). Don't worry, Sam, there would be no charge.

Take care, your smiles will return, PHil

Theresa said...


I have been frantically checking my email and reading these blogs for the past week and a half to check up on my girl! I am so glad that everything went well...I know this is a rough time, but you are one of the strongest, most motivated people I know. You will be back to your old self again soon. I can't wait to come visit you. Of course that is if you will allow one of your old hoosier friends! Love you so much and am praying for your speedy recovery every day!