Friday, February 22, 2008

Around the Town...

In an effort to pry out the crutch that had found it's way up my behind, mom and Bernie treated me to dinner out last night. We went to my favorite Italian restaurant where I ate two loaves of bread, caesar salad and half my dinner! :) Probably my biggest meal to date which not only brought the thought of weight loss to a screeching halt, but also could be the cause of some 'flu' like symptoms this morning.

Sitting straight up for that amount of time wasn't the most comfortable, but I know the outing was good for my morale. It even forced me to blow my hair dry for the first time in two weeks instead of throwing it up into some unrecognizable knot on the top of my head.

Tonight Josh is coming in town and I'm sure my parents are thankful for the reprieve...I'm not sure he knows what he's getting himself into...but he definitely always has a way of putting a huge smile on my face so my mood is lighter just thinking about seeing him soon.

On another note, I haven't had pain pills/narcotics in three days (if I make it thru tonight) and I'm feeling pretty good about that. The hip pain has proven to be manageable most of the time and when it's not I take tylenol. I also can't believe the amount of reaction I have from my quad the sitting position I can now lift my right foot into the air almost as high as the left. My arms are also getting quite strong from crutching around and I like to think I am starting to look like Linda Hamilton circa 1980's Terminator...although cruelly, like a fun house mirror, I am still reflecting more of a Roseanne Barr.

My real bone of contention lies with these stupid tight 'anti-blood clotting' socks I have to wear all day. They have holes at the end that are supposed to line up right under your toes on the bottom of your foot...but darn it if they don't manage to twist around and out pokes one or several of my toes. It's the most annoying feeling and mom finds joy in my complaining about something so trivial and only rarely can I convince her to twist the sock around to give my toes a rest. I suppose if I have to be complaining about something post-surgery...I'm glad it's this!

Today I am thankful. Thankful that I have great friends and family and VERY thankful that I chose Dr. Murphy. I realize his lack of personality might be too much for some to take, but I truly encourage those of you looking into this surgery to give him a real once over. He is pioneering a new technology (computer assisted) that allows him to cut less muscle/tendons, etc and prevents the many restrictions post surgery I have heard other individuals endure. I realize it is such a personal choice to determine whose hands you will put your life/health/body into, but at this point I truly believe I made a wise decision.


Beth said...

Hi Sam! I had RPAO w/ Dr Millis on 1/25 at New England Baptist! I too just stopped taking the pain meds- well ok, I take 1 vicodin before bed. Thought I might meet Dr Murphy during my stay at NEBH - when Millis couldn't come - but to my surprise he came every day. From everything I have read Murphy and Millis are 2 of the top guys for this. I live in FL - and also had a 3+ hour flight home - was pretty rough - but worth the trip.
Beth :)

Chanda & Ani said...

Congrats Sam on the two loaves of bread! Sounds like your recovery is going very well and you are making progress every day.

Good call on your choice of doctors. When my mom had brain surgery several years ago my dad kept on commenting about the doctor's lack of bed-side manners. I told him I didn't care how he talked to us as long as he did a good job in the operating room. And of course he did!

Wish you the best with your recovery!

Joshua said...

Okay Okay; for everyone's awareness, Sam was in a great mood when I saw her on Friday and it made me feel amazing to walk in and see her smiling face. All wrapped up in her Granny's blanket; she looked beautiful. I would hope that I was the cause of that smiling face but maybe it was the puppy.....who know's? I would also hope the fact that I only see her on the weekends during the last few weeks is not the only reason she's been drug free lately ;)

Even though she wrote about it in her blog, I would like to further elaborate on the use of her right leg. Let me add that in just one week, she has made great advances in the use of that quad!! Last week was barely a toe wiggle, inching forward, but this week a complete extension of her leg!!!!! She's mastered the art of using her other leg to get in bed and on the couch! You are doing great sweety. Keep it up.

Maybe next weekend I'll actually find the DQ on my way in and surprise you with a half melted Heath blizzard........

Love you :)