Monday, March 03, 2008


During my daily workouts last week I tried to incorporate some stomach crunches and even upped the weights when 'pumping iron'... I think I added a whole 3 pounds when doing my bicep curls...impressive, I know! ;)

I'm not sure what went wrong but at some point I overextended and it resulted in five days of a lot of additional pain and swelling in my hip. I also had a radiating pain down my leg into my knee and tingling in my toes. Mom took my blood this morning and we will find out tomorrow if I might have a small blood clot. The pain has decreased this morning but the swelling is still pretty significant. Even with all the swelling, there are times I can swear I feel one of the screws poking out of my hip and that feeling is so bizarre.

We also noticed that I was walking a bit bow-legged with my crutches and when I stand straight my right leg almost appears longer than the left. So I'm sure I'm creating a great mental image...huge swollen right hip with a screw poking at the surface and me leaning to the left because I'm lop-sided. If you were also to see my many looks of pajama bottoms and oversized t-shirts you would assuredly nominate me for a makeover show. :)

On a more positive note, this weekend I had some good friends come over to visit and that definitely lifted my spirits. Thanks for making the long drive guys and thank you to my parents for being great hosts! :)


Anonymous said...

AFter about 2 weeks post-op I emailed Dr Millis and told him that there was a "bulge" right above my incision. I asked him if it was the bone (thought that maybe it would stick out now since he moved it). He told me that it was just the heads of the screws - and not to worry about it! You can see and feel them. Kinda freaks me out - but I guess will make for an easy screw removal this summer! So you may have one of the screws poking out of your hip! Hope you do not have a clot - I just stopped the Lovenox injections at 5weeks!
Beth - RPAO 1/25/08 Millis

The Kirkwood Family said...

So proud of you SAM. I am truly amazed and thankful that you are as strong as you are! I hope to catch up with you soon. I will continue to read your blog and keep you in my prayers! Hugs and Kisses from Josh, Jim, and I.

Lauren said...

Hey Sam
I swore for the first 2 month's that my one leg was longer than the other and I believe that it is because the muscles aren't strong enough yet and things are finding where they belong. I can tell you now that I don't think my one leg is longer then the other any more.
Sam, please be good to yourself. There is no earthly reason why at 3 weeks you should push yourself so hard. It will all come in time and impatience can set you back.
I guess if that is a screw you feel then removal can be done at the same time that he does your other leg. That way you kill 2 birds with one stone.
Speak to you soon