Monday, April 28, 2008

Pop goes the weasel

I'm sitting here arguing with Josh on whether or not the sound coming from my hip is a click, snap or pop. It feels like a pop...almost like the femur is coming out of socket again. It sounds more like a click or a snap depending on what stupid maneuver I attempted at that moment. The left hip joins in from time to time with the noises and I figure if I gave Aidan (the dog) a tambourine I could start a family band. :) Similar to the Partridge family, we could tour the country side in a van and entertain the masses. In my case the family van would have to have extra cushions and hydraulics in order to accommodate my injury...but we would be entertaining none the less. Just ask my friends and family what an amazing voice I have to accompany the clicking. :)

The last time I went to the gym I stepped on the bike for the first time. Mostly because it was gorgeous weather the weekend before and I spent most of that Sunday cleaning my bikes and wishing I was ready to ride them. Josh got on the treadmill behind me to ensure that I didn't keep hiking up the power...he says I tend to overdue things...phooey. It's probably smart someone was looking out for me though because I did spend the next several hours wishing I hadn't pushed myself so hard. Back to the pool for me tomorrow morning...

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