Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A nice day for a walk

When I was growing up my brother and I were members of a swim club. I was never that impressive of a swimmer but I always managed to have fun. Most of the time that fun was had at others grabbing the leg of a fellow swimmer as I was approaching behind them and yanking them backwards...propelling me forward and leaving them exacerbated. Don't think too little of me though...I had to learn that move somewhere! :)

One of my parents favorite stories of me on the swim team was my coach regularly catching me standing up during the middle of a lap and walking or quickly pushing off on the bottom of the pool. It wasn't so much I was tired or trying to keep up...but I got bored after endless laps and liked to look around. Anyway, my coach used to look up from his chair and yell out over the pool "Nice day for a walk isn't it Spreadbury?"

Something about my swim today reminded me of that story. I decided to walk several laps to get used to putting weight on my right leg. After that was over I decided to swim only 800m today but once I got there I realized I should do at least 1000...could have been the fact I really wanted to beat the girl in lane 3 who was starting to get tired! :)


Joshua said...

Truly amazing my dear. Being the 'avid' swimmer myself, I dread the day that I get in the pool with you and see that even in your current state, you'd still swim laps around me.............
Well, at least Im funnier than you ;)

MY PAO STORY said...

Great that you are doing so well!
Are you still having the "pops" and "clunks" in your hip?? My "pops" have gotten more frequent - (now 10 weeks post RPAO)but Millis tells me that "pops are normal". Just wondering what Murphy had to say about the popping.