Friday, May 02, 2008

Ironman vs. TitaniumWoman

TitaniumWoman...not enough metal to set off the detectors at the airport...but enough to kick Robert Downey Jr's butt

Yesterday I went for x-rays to confirm everything was healing as expected. Dr. Mautner, my referring doctor, mentioned that besides calcium deposits and a screw that looked to be 'poking out' (he said some medical name, but I can't remember it off hand) everything looked good. My range of motion was great and besides my significant limp when walking he expected that at 6 months I should be back to normal. I asked if that included being able to run and he launched into a lecture about how that is never an option...unless I needed to jog away from a mugger.
All in all, everything seems to be okay and once Dr. Murphy okays the xrays I will be cleared.


Cass said...

I'm really glad to hear that your recovery is coming along so well, though I'm sure you wish you were walking better. Love your x-rays; I just love looking at mine ... it seems to validate all the pain and hard work I've been through. I'm very proud of my screws!
Take care,

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Rachel said...

Those are some WHOPPING screws!..
Sounds like you're really making progress, which is awesome! Although I have to say that your exercise regime puts me to shame - and I haven't even had my operation yet, and I still don't do as much as you :(