Monday, March 31, 2008

And then there was one

This weekend I went down from two crutches to one. While it makes it easier for me to carry things and 'take care of myself' in general it has caused a myriad of other issues. The most annoying of all being a new, sharp pain in the hip that literally feels like my bones 'crunching' together. I'm sure that the pain is part of the healing process...but I'm ready to be healed already!! :)

I will be purchasing a cane this week and I'm hoping that I can only be half as fashionable as Lauren...with hers coming straight from South Africa. I fear I may have to settle for the Walgreen's special as I have yet to find one that has any character.


MY PAO STORY said...

I am now using a cane - and have 2 stylish ones! One is leopard print and the other is pink roses (from CVS)!! I found the cane was much easier to use than one crutch.

Anonymous said...

I jumped right over using a cane. I went from one crutch to nothing. So please don't relay this information to my poor father who carried it all the way from SA. I will keep it for the other leg or who knows a Halloween Party of something. I guess we are all different in our recovery. I felt that the cane wasn't sturdy enough and then I just got sick of the crutch. Sounds like you are doing great and I will give you a call when we get back from vacation.