Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snap, Crackle, Pop...Clunk?

Lately I have had a lot of noises coming from the right hip. It does sound an awful lot like a certain breakfast cereal but luckily it doesn't hurt too much. That is until the clunking started. It feels like my hip is literally coming out of joint and not only does it hurt significantly when it happens but it leaves my hip aching and a pain that radiates down my leg.

I'm hoping this is normal, but it leaves me looking forward to my trip to Boston next week for my six week check-up. I'm assuming Murphy will be taking more x-rays and an MRI to determine how my bones are mending and how the screws are holding up.

I bet if I calculated the amount of radiation I've been subjected to in the past couple years...or even months...that it would explain my green glow.


Bonnie said...

Hey Sam...Great to keep up with how you are doing. It looks like a slow but successful recovery. We have been thinking of you alot and is great to hear the updates. Wally says to say HE LOVES YOU..Ditto from me too. Take care and hope your check-up goes great.
LOVE YA LOTS>>>McComish's

MY PAO STORY said...

Sam - I too have the clicking, popping, cracking....whatever you want to call it! Mostly when I shift in bed. I had this before the PAO - so I'm used to it! Wow - I can't believe you're going back to Boston for a 6 week checkup!! I am going to a local doc down here - and then sending x-rays to Millis. I won't see Millis again until summer when he removes the screws. I must admit - at 7 weeks post RPAO - I am using a cane. I haven't gotten the official OK from Millis - but was SO TIRED of those crutches!! My mom is shopping for a "pretty" pink cane for me!!

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