Wednesday, March 05, 2008

4 week recap

I can't believe that tomorrow marks one month since my surgery. Some days I feel like I have come so far and others I feel like I have so far to go until I'm back to normal (or at least the point I was at before the surgery)

What I can do now:
  • Get in and out of bed with ease
  • Get in and out of the shower and bath with 'relative' ease (after being left in the tub one night for two + hours I quickly mastered how to get out before I contemplated having another one) ;)
  • Use the non-handicapped version of the toilet (laugh all you want but this is a huge accomplishment :)
  • Sit for about an hour at a time without huge amounts of pain (stretching every 20 minutes really helps this one)
  • Beat my mom really badly at card games (part of the healing process)
  • Mastered the stair case...I no longer approach a stair and hesitate...trying to remember what the PT told me about which foot / crutch goes first
  • Use my hip flexors to lift my knee up in the air in the sitting position. I never thought those muscles were going to respond!!
  • Regained my singing skills much to the relief of my mother who enjoyed my rendition of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' this morning...Even Ramsey would have appreciated my effort here (no mullet wig though)
  • Crutch long distances by going to the grocery store...Super Wal-Mart no less...that's a lot of walking!
  • Make my own breakfast (okay, so this only happened once so far, but I think mom really appreciated it)
  • Pick my dirty laundry up off the floor, ball them up together in one tshirt and carry them to the laundry room with my crutches

For me these are all huge accomplishments and I hope there are many more to come. With exception to a couple days last week when I was in significant pain, I am still completely off the pain meds although it helps having tylenol around...and plenty of it.

The Picture Re-cap

Pre Surgery - flight to Boston and the Last Supper

Post-Surgery (hospital): Pain pump...and five minutes later

Post-Surgery: First supper and three weeks later


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,
I know we've never officially met, and my brother will think I'm being all girly and mushy but I wanted to send you a note to tell you that I truly admire your strength! I cannot wait for you to get better and come dance your little hiney off at my wedding with my little punk brother!!! Keep your spirits up and keep leaning on those around you in this time of need. That's what the loved ones are there for. I'm really happy you have my little brother in your life cause if I do say so myself, he's a pretty awesome dork. If he's anywhere near as wonderful to you as he is to all of the ladies in his family, then you are one lucky lady and MUST be just as awesome as he is! I can't wait to meet you sweetie!

Love and well wishes for a speedy recovery to you!

*The awesome older sister...well, older isn't necessary to say, but cuter of the two of us would suffice ;)

MY PAO STORY said...

Isn't it amazing how far we have come since not being able to left your own leg just a month ago!! I went to BOTH Walmart and BJ's today - using the crutches and then the shopping cart. One guy told me I should sue the electric scooter - and I said "No, I HAVE to walk". Although I am exhausted, I need to push myself to do these things. I think I am DONE with the electric scooters for good!!
Maybe I should market a "PAO" t-shirt. Maybe something funky with rhinestone letters??!!
Does Murphy take out your screws? I will go back to Millis this summer for my screw removal. We go to Cape Cod every summer (I am originally from New England - CT). My parents split their time between here (Fort Myers) and Cape Cod - the best of both worlds! Perfect if you are a Red Sox fan like us!! Unfortunately I will not attend a spring training game this year. I don't want to go on crutches!!!
Keep up the good work!

Joshua said...

Wow, thanks sis.....I think?
Im a punk now, huh? Cant wait for you to meet her. Side note, do ya like it how Im using her blog to tell you thanks?
Love you both, Josh (cuter of the two? I'll destroy you ;)......)

Hip Chick said...

Hi Sam,

I'm so glad to hear you're doing well. Here's to being on the other side!


MY PAO STORY said...

GO ahead and post your scar pic! People finally realize the magnitude of the surgery once they see the wound!
From what I understand Murphy and Millis do things differently. I had an epidural in the first 3 days - and never had a pain pump. Once they took the epidural out - I was given oral pain meds - which made me sick. :(
Millis did mention a femoral osteotomy for me too - but did not do one. He said he shaved off part of the femoral head and shaped it better. He did say a femoral osteotomy may be needed down the road (because of the coxa valga).