Monday, June 02, 2008

The long walk home

These past several weeks back on the road have been difficult and proven that my road to recovery is not even remotely complete.

Last Thursday we arrived at gate E2 in the Atlanta airport which, for those of you who are not familiar, is the farthest gate from arrivals. If it weren't for Ramsey and Kris lugging my bags and briefcase through the terminal I would have been in deep trouble. I'm tentatively set to be in Thailand and Paris in June and am worried that my hip might not be ready for such things. It's a good thing work prevents me from really enjoying any part of overseas travel...thanks for looking out for me Accenture!

Any ladies out there have advice as to how I can work up to walking 3 miles without pain? Biking and swimming feel good now, my flexibility (or lack there of) is coming back, but I can't seem to walk over 1/2 mile without considerable pain and tightening of my hip. I can't even guess how bad my left hip is now b/c my right one is giving me such pain. Workouts or stretching anyone can recommend?


Anonymous said...


After my PAOS walking while trying to carry things like luggage and groceries was more difficult for at least 6 months to a year especailly on stairs. It really takes a long time to get the hips and core back in shape. I have found that a combination of yoga, abdominal work, and strength training helped along with structural integration therapy. Patience is key. Good luck
LPAO 11/05
RPAO 7/06

Anonymous said...

I agree with RK. I thought I was strong now being 6 months post surgery but found out that I was not quite where I thought I was. Mind you I'm great on the eliptical or on the bicycle. When I joined Sarah in NYC to do the Aids Walk I knew that we wouldn't do the whole thing because of her being 4 weeks post metal removal and on a cane. I didn't think that I would feel as much discomfort as I did. We walked about 2.5 to 3 miles and then went and had brunch. I get the feeling that the only way to get the muscles needed for walking strong enough is to walk. Put your pup on a leash and go walking. As for stretching drop Sarah a line. She's a yoga teacher and I am sure can give you some great stretches to help. Sorry it's along response but just know what you're feeling is not strange but expected.

MY PAO STORY said...

Hi Sam,
I have been walking 3+ miles day - BUT I walk pushing a stroller. I don't know if I could do it without it!! I definately use it to help me, maybe you could borrow a baby??!! Swimming has also helped - and now I am up to 35 minutes on the elliptical machine. I just had x-rays done today and will ship them to Millis. I have screw removal scheduled for July - but it depends on what Millis thinks of my x-ray. The bone has not completely healed or filled in yet, so not sure if he will remove the screws. My limp has finally gone - and I have been limping for a LONG time. I'm sure both you and I will still need time to completely heal from this process. I think we are both doing great so far!!

Anonymous said...

Have you decided about your next surgery? I may be in atl the weekend of July 19th for a baby shower if you are around. Let me know. Liz