Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This ones for the girls

It is an odd reality to get to know someone through this virtual world. The truth is that these hip women that I have been leaning on so much over the past year are so much more than a website.

The fact of the matter is that I have only seen their determination come out through their blogs...their sense of humor in their writing...and their strength so prominently displayed in their profile pictures.

We have learned to laugh together about the silly moments in the healing process, the times when we were walking through the hospital hallway with our gowns hanging open in the back for all to see.

We have been in awe of each others recovery, sometimes secretly cursing that one of us is so much farther along than ourselves and wishing that we could be there with them on that hiking trail. no? Just me? ;)

We have written kind words to each other for motivation when things were not so easy…knowing that the emotional turmoil can far outweigh the physical pain

And through it all, there are very few of us who have actually had the opportunity to reach out to one another and give an encouraging hug when we can so clearly see the tears welling up in the others eye from frustration, or laugh out loud together recounting one of our recovery stories that never seemed so funny at the time.

I count myself lucky for having this opportunity…and although I have always been on the receiving end of one of those encouraging hugs or phone calls…I hope that I can give that gift back to someone soon.

And given all this, it is still very easy to see that us hip women have far more in common then a congenital disease and reconstructive surgery…

I read a fellow bloggers post this morning and realized that very quickly.

Now to that woman…and I hope you know who you are…I have this to say. You have been an inspiration to me since the very beginning. You have displayed a strength I can only hope to aspire to. We have gone through very similar realities…and although I can not be there to look you in the eye and promise you that the future has someone very special out there for you…consider it a certainty.


Brenna Wolfe said...

This post is so true Sam and I honestly I don't know where or how I would have gotten through those horrible nights with so many pain meds on board and completely at a loss for everything without all of you "hip women" I wish I could one day help someone else like everyone has helped me. PS. I was super jealous of all the fast recoveries!!!!

Cass said...

Just read this, Sam. It made me cry. It's so strange ... pre-surgery, I always drew my strength from you, Sarah, Lauren, Laura and Beth. I never thought I'd be returning that favor ... thought my blog was more helpful to myself than anyone else.
Thank you so much for your encouragement and your sincerity. I'm touched and hope we can meet up some day to share stories and some laughs. Would love to hear more about your "similar reality" and how you got through it all.
Take care of yourself,

Cass said...

Just checking in ... your surgery is this week, right? I hope you're doing ok.
Would love to hear from you.

Sarah said...

Hi Sam,
I am just starting out on my own Hip Dysplasia journey and spotted your blog. I have read through it and it's amazing. It is inspirational and gives me hope for the future. I have just started a blog but feel like a bit of a luddite, trapped in the blogging dark ages... How do I link up my blog to hip dysplasia on How Stuff Works? I hope you can help, and maybe give me some advise when my journey starts in earnest in 2 months time? Thanks,


Jen said...

Can't remember if I have emailed you yet, but that post about sums it up for me, as well. I am scheduled for my RPAO in July and am petrefied, but the blogs and you girls make it so much easier! Hope you are well and feel free to check out my blog as well! Be well!

Aaron Fetter said...


I'm a 32 year old and just had my RPAO. I am a wilderness guide for a living, and obviously have to take some time off! I was wondering if I could email you some questions about your training post surgery? I feel like the doctors are all about getting the surgery done, but are very very vague on post surgery physical training. I plan on being 100% by June, and know I have a lot of work to do.

My email is


Nikki said...

My name is Nikki Holzman and i am 17 years old. I am reading through your blog and really want to talk to you about your experience in more detail and would love some suggestions/ recommendations... I have hip dysplasia and i am debating right now wether to get the surgery done ( i am scheduled for june 6) or wait 4-10 years or so when the pain gets worse and i absolutely need it. I live a pretty active lifestyle and i can currently run, swim, and bike so the pain is tolerable. The only thing i can not do anymore is play soccer... but with that in mind would you say just get the surgery over with even though the pain is not that bad if you know sometime in the future you will have to have it? Or would you wait until you absolutely need it? Maybe if you could friend me on facebook or something i could ask you a couple more questions? if not thats fine, i would just love some advice right about now. Thanks!

My email is